Morocco, Atlas Lions, France and other Algiers concerns

The Algerian president gave an “exclusive” interview to the French daily “Le Figaro“. Nothing new under the sun. He did it in a style that is particular to him when it’s not about his caressing press in the direction of the hair. There was talk of the Atlas Lions, Morocco, France and some regional gossip.

We will not have escaped Franco-Algerian relations, the socio-politico-economic situation in Algeria (covered in light), the conflict in Ukraine or even what is happening in the Sahel with the presence of the Wagner group in and out of Algeria and of course, of his crisis with the Kingdom which never ceases to stick in his throat. He attacked, as usual, the “Moroccan diet”, the origin of his insomnia and headaches, ” it is the Moroccan regime that is causing problems, not the Moroccan people. 80,000 of its nationals live with us very intelligent “.

But arrows of the kind he will have throughout his interview with our country, France, where he says that he will make a state visit there during the new year, as well as with his sponsor Russia. Concerning the Kingdom, he explains, immersed in his customary hypocrisy, to have applauded the course in the World Cup of the Selection of Morocco ” which honored Arab and Maghreb football, as Moroccans had supported Algeria at CAN 2019 “. However, the press under his orders had been intimated to radio silence or even more, when it came to the Atlas Lions. And to stay in football, the senile of the Algiers regime says he wants a football match between Algeria and France to be organized, east of Eden, while warning that he will not accept not “let us whistle any national anthem”.

Referring to the conflict with Ukraine, whose annexations he implicitly recognized, he said, intertwining the laces and above all demonstrating its geographical limits: “ It would be good if the UN did not just condemn the annexations taking place in Europe. What about the annexation of the Golan by Israel or Western Sahara by Morocco? “. As we can see, there is no question of the Palestinian cause that he wants to defend more than anything, but of the rogue regime of Syria. Strangely in this interview, there was never any question of Palestine or Spain, immigration, armaments and other galley subjects in which Algeria lives on a daily basis.

In short, it was obvious. That said, for the other obsession that never ceases to torture the Bonhomme, these famous mediations that he says he refuses at all costs without anyone, moreover, asking him for anything, he has this other somewhat twisted spur: “ To avoid a war, you must break diplomatic relations “, adding:” We broke up not to go to war and no country can mediate between us “. He further claimed that his country’s borders with Morocco remained closed for 40 years “in reaction to the neighbour’s perpetual hostile acts… to take part of our territory in the far south”. What else will Thierry say about it?

We appreciate, for once, reading this interview, the approach of the Iznogoud service in El Mouradia, as to the issuance of visas by France and its return to “normal”. “It is simply in the logic of things”, emphasizing that mobility between the two countries is governed by the Évian Agreements and those of 1968. This circulation “has been negotiated and should be respected”he said. “Algerians should have 132-year visas”, did he want to use a bit of irony, somewhat stupid for the rest, since two paragraphs later, he indicates that France had to ” to free itself from its colonizer complex and Algeria from its colonized complex “. However, he does not say whether they are mentioned in the said agreements.

With regard to Islamism in Algeria, he assures us that he is ” behind him “ and “no longer represents a political danger” except perhaps in the camps and the Aures. For the rest of us, we will give a small 2/10 to the president with the unpronounceable name for having revealed to us, all the same, a few truths told without the knowledge of his own free will.

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