Moroccan skills abroad, a development asset for Morocco

Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Living Abroad, Nasser Bourita said on Tuesday that Moroccan skills abroad represent a development asset for Morocco.

In an answer to an oral question in the House of Councilors on “the policy of seduction of Moroccan skills in the host countries”, asked by the group of the National Rally of Independents (RNI), he recalled that the royal speech addressed to the Nation by the Sovereign on the occasion of the celebration of the 69th anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People had called for a break with seasonal initiatives while advocating a clear and structuring vision in favor of the establishment of mechanisms aimed at to accompany, support and make use of the experiences of the Moroccan community established abroad.

In accordance with the provisions of the royal speech, the Ministerial Commission in charge of Moroccans residing abroad and migration affairs held a meeting under the chairmanship of the Head of Government, giving rise to the creation of a working group in charge of skills and which should before next February deliver its conclusions concerning the modes and means of detecting skills and their compatibility with the needs of the country, in addition to the promotion of networking and administrative governance, he indicated.

While assuring that the work continues for an effective materialization of the High Royal Orientations, Bourita noted that the initiatives carried out previously in favor of the Moroccans of the world remain insufficient even though they had given results.

In response, moreover, to another question on “the creation of communication mechanisms with Moroccans around the world in order to promote their investment in Morocco”, posed at the initiative of the socialist group, Bourita noted that this question was widely mentioned in the royal speech addressed to the Nation by the Sovereign on the occasion of the celebration of the 69th anniversary of the revolution of the King and the People, mentioning the creation of a working group working within the framework of a coordination ensured by the delegated ministry in charge of investment, convergence and evaluation of public policies, the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM) and the Professional Association of Moroccan Banks (GPBM) to formulate proposals in favor of the materialization of the High Royal Instructions and also to make use of the previous initiatives.

He also indicated that 10% of remittances from Moroccans residing abroad are intended for investment, of which only a negligible 2% goes to productive investment, estimating that acts to remedy this problem on the legislative level (investment code) as well as on the level of the communication with the Moroccan investor abroad and its accompaniment.

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