Moroccan hackers avenge Algerian cyberattacks targeting ministries

After two cyberattacks targeting Moroccan ministry sites in early December, a group dubbed the “Moroccan Black Knights” returned the letter to the sender by carrying out similar cyberattacks on institutional sites in Algeria.

The phenomenon of cyberattacks between hackers from both countries has become commonplace, not a few months go by without a new site being the target of a hacker. Most often, such attacks come from Algeria and their Moroccan counterparts respond tit for tat.

This December, the personal data of Moroccan students was published in a forum after a major cyber attack where the entire database of the Ministry of Higher Education, a total of 23 tables, was hacked and made public.

The attack was claimed by a group of hackers calling themselves “1 2 3 viva l’Algérie”. Before that, the personal data of nearly a million Moroccan students was put up for sale on a site.

Following this case, the National Judicial Police Brigade (BNPJ) opened an investigation, and for its part the Ministry of Higher Education published a press release assuring that it will put in place measures to strengthen the computer protection of establishments under his supervision.

For the past three days, it has been the turn of Algerian institutional sites to undergo the same treatment. Thus 58,000 e-mail addresses and passwords of students, notably from the University of Oran, have been put online, and several other Algerian sites have been hacked, like that of the official press agency (APS).

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