More than 36,000 students in traditional education during the current school year

Ahmed Taoufiq: More than 36,000 students in traditional education during the current school year

The Minister of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, Ahmed Taoufiq said on Tuesday that the number of students attending school this year in traditional education is exactly 36,898 learners.

In an answer to an oral question in the House of Councilors on the “measures taken in favor of the maintenance of schools of traditional education and their conservation”, posed by the group Authenticity and Modernity (PAM), he indicated that the number of this type of school has increased from 114 to 293, as has the budget devoted to them, 324 million dirhams in 2022 against only 3 million dirhams in 2004.

A fact which, according to him, has made it possible to build and rehabilitate many establishments, in addition to development and extension works, ensuring that all schools of traditional education have been equipped with computer tools and other teaching materials. for a total cost of 95 million dirhams.

He also mentioned the improvement of the material and social conditions of the pupils and of the teaching and administrative staff through the upward revision of the premiums, as evidenced by the amount allocated for this purpose which rose from 16,900,000 dirhams in 2004 to 250 million dirhams in 2022, in addition to an annual amount of 15 million dirhams reserved for the equipment of traditional education schools as well as the establishment of good administrative governance in their management.

Ahmed Taoufiq concluded by affirming that his department ensures the standardization of school programs in traditional education and their adaptation to legal and pedagogical innovations.

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