more than 1055 inspection and control operations in 2022

Fight against environmental pollution: more than 1055 inspection and control operations in 2022

More than 1055 control and surveillance operations have been carried out in several industrial sectors to fight against environmental pollution in 2022, assured, Monday in Rabat, the Minister of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, Leïla Benali.

In her response to a question in the House of Representatives on the “phenomenon of air pollution”, posed by the group of the National Rally of Independents, the Minister explained that these operations are carried out within the framework of environmental control, in coordination with the other authorities in charge of control such as the Royal Gendarmerie and the local authorities.

Benali also mentioned a set of procedures and measures at the legislative and regulatory level and decrees related to maximum pollution limits, noting that there are environmental promotion programs to fight against pollution, including the program to fight against industrial pollution in support of 125 projects.

She disclosed that financial support has been given to 15 industrial emission control projects, noting that the national air quality monitoring program aims to establish 140 air monitoring stations.

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