meeting between Fatiha El Kamouri and Victor Torres in Las Palmas

The new Consul General of the Kingdom of Morocco in the Canary Islands, Fatiha El Kamouri was received this Thursday at the headquarters of the Presidency in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria by the President of the Canary Islands, Angel Victor Torres.

During the meeting between the two officials, the importance of maintaining the existing good relations, based on dialogue and cooperation, was stressed. The President, Angel Victor Torres, indicated that between the Canary Islands and Morocco there are problems of particular importance such as the migratory phenomenon and its control at source, a problem for which and the Consul General of the Kingdom of Morocco and the President agreed that it had improved significantly compared to other exercises.

Indeed, the latest data shows that the volume of arrivals in the archipelago has been reduced by 38% compared to last year. The number of people has also been reduced from 22,413 to 15,440 (data through December 21, 2022). The accommodation of migrants in the Canary Islands being, for its part, at 28% of its occupation. On the other hand, the head of the Canarian executive, who is planning an official visit to Morocco in early 2023, stressed the importance of commercial and strategic relations between the Canary Islands and Morocco.

The President of the Canary Islands and the Consul General of the Kingdom of Morocco on the islands, Fatiha El Kamouri, stressed the importance of maintaining the existing good relations, based on dialogue and cooperation. The head of government announced on the occasion an upcoming “official” visit to the Kingdom of Morocco at the start of 2023. It must be said that for months, Angel Victor Torres has been under strong political pressure from the parties canarians.

Indeed, the latter claim to be on the sidelines of the negotiations for the demarcation of the maritime borders between Morocco and Spain, thus “depriving” them of a sovereignty of the archipelago which, moreover, they would have transmitted to the President of the Spanish government Pedro Sanchez. Also, Sanchez. The latter having announced (at the end of last November), that “the Canary Islands would be present in the negotiations to delimit the maritime borders with Morocco, because they benefit from the implementation of the provisions of the joint declaration signed with Rabat last April”. .

Pedro Sanchez having also specified, in response to a parliamentary question posed by the spokesman of the Alliance of the Canary Islands concerning this thorny question between Morocco and Spain, that the representative of the Canary Islands had already taken part in two meetings held last June and October.

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