Independence Day duly celebrated in Agen

A great Moroccan musical festival was organized recently in Agen, on the occasion of the celebrations marking the 47th anniversary of the Green March and the 67th anniversary of Independence.

A musical evening took place at the cultural center of this city, with the participation of big names in Moroccan song and comedy, like Saida Charraf, Hamid Bennani and Jawaj, on the initiative of the association “Open Door”, in collaboration with the Consulate General of the Kingdom in Bordeaux.

This festivity, specifies the Moroccan diplomatic representation, offered the opportunity to the consular representation to give to the hundreds of Moroccan nationals present a historical overview of the great sacrifices made, as well as the historical epics crossed by the Moroccan people united behind their Fire Kings Mohammed V and the late Hassan II, to recover his independence and complete his territorial integrity.

The objective was to allow new generations to immerse themselves, through a purely Moroccan cultural event, in the importance of the major stages in the history of Morocco and which played a key role in the process of building the contemporary Moroccan state and nation.

In this context, Moroccan artists have taken care to integrate into their performances patriotic and nationalist songs that are part of Moroccan cultural heritage.

Beyond its playful cultural aspect, this event was used by the Consulate General of Morocco in Bordeaux to remind that the legitimate process of defending the territorial integrity of the Kingdom calls for the effective mobilization and commitment of all Moroccans. , both at home and abroad, under the leadership of King Mohammed VI and, more particularly, in the current international and regional context, marked by the exacerbation of socio-economic difficulties and the resurgence of security challenges linked to the appearance of perfidious attempts at foreign interference and destabilization.

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