House of Councilors unanimously approves firearms bill

The House of Councilors unanimously approved, on Tuesday, draft law n° 86.21 relating to firearms, their parts, components, elements, accessories and ammunition.

In his speech on this bill, the Minister of the Interior, Abdelouafi Laftit, indicated that this text aims to overcome the legal and regulatory constraints related to the field of firearms, stressing that his department has worked on the elaboration of this bill in order to support technological development as well as the evolution of forms of crime resulting from the multiplicity of security threats.

He also noted that the Dahir of March 31, 1937 regulating the use of firearms includes a set of concepts that have become obsolete, which required a complete reformulation of the text taking into account the updated concepts.

In this regard, the minister underlined that this project responds to the wishes of the various actors involved in the use of firearms, who have emphasized the need to review the current legal framework so that it is in phase with the various national and international developments, and that it meets the requirements of development.

And to conclude that this bill would complete the legal arsenal regulating firearms in accordance with Morocco’s international commitments in the fight against the illicit manufacture and trafficking of firearms, their parts, components, elements, accessories and ammunition, as well as the strengthening of firearms control mechanisms and related permits, monitor them and track related data.

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