Hortefeux warns of "possible links" between the Polisario and terrorist groups

The MEP and former French Minister of the Interior, Brice Hortefeux, alerted the European Commission, in a written question he recently addressed to it, to “possible links” between the Polisario and terrorist groups, asking it if she intended to take preventive measures to avoid “potential collaboration”.

In a written question n° E-003923/2022 addressed to the European Commission, the former French minister and MEP, Brice Hortefeux, underlined that “the situation in the Sahel and Sahara region has worsened considerably in recent years and now constitutes a threat to regional and international stability”, ensuring that “the region is facing an alarming increase in illicit weapons, smuggling and terrorism”.

The MEP also indicated that “the lack of control in areas under Polisario control would be exploited by many illegal groups”, asserting that there is “indications that the Polisario, which controls certain prohibited areas, is in cahoots with terrorist groups, providing them with weapons and logistical support, including fuel”.

According to Hortefeux, the alleged links between the Polisario and terrorist groups are not new. It relies on the fact that the founder of the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara (EIGS), Abou Walid al-Sahraoui, “neutralized” by a strike by French forces in the Dangarous forest in August 2021, was among the fighters of the Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army, the armed wing of the Polisario Front.

The former French minister expressed his concern at the large sums that the European Union pays to the Sahrawi camps “controlled by the Polisario”. In this sense, he asks the Commission whether it intends to audit the funding granted to these Sahrawi camps to ensure that it is only used for humanitarian purposes and wonders about the measures that intends to take to prevent possible collaboration between the militia and terrorist groups.

It should be recalled that during a press conference held after the vote on Security Council resolution 2654, Morocco’s permanent representative ambassador to the UN, Omar Hilale, underlined, with regard to the Front’s acquisitions Polisario of Iranian drones a few months earlier than two years ago“we have alerted that Iran, specifically Hezbollah, are infiltrating into Tindouf and therefore into North Africa”.

The representative added that they “ have now gone from training to equipping the Polisario with drones and this is very serious. It proves us right and leads to the whole world knowing that they are destabilizing our region”.

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