Holmarcom Finance Company increases its stake in the capital of Crédit du Maroc to 63.7%

The Moroccan Capital Market Authority (AMMC) announced on Wednesday that Holmarcom Finance Company has crossed upwards the participation thresholds of 5%, 10%, 20%, 33.33% and 50% in the capital of Credit from Morocco.

“Holmarcom Finance Company, declared having acquired on the block market, on December 6, 2022, 5,538,538 Crédit du Maroc shares at a unit price of 545.2 dirhams, directly crossing upwards the thresholds of participation of 5%, 10 %, 20%, 33.33% and 50% in the capital of the said company”, indicates the AMMC in a press release.

Following this operation, Holmarcom Finance Company declares that it directly holds 5,538,538 Crédit du Maroc shares, i.e. 50.9% of the capital of the said company, and indirectly 1,392,744 Crédit du Maroc shares through AtlantaSanad, specifies the same source.

The total participation (direct and indirect) of Holmarcom Finance Company in the capital of Crédit du Maroc is 63.7%, reports the AMMC.

In the six months following the crossing of the aforementioned threshold, Holmarcom Finance Company plans to continue its purchases of Crédit du Maroc shares to sit on its supervisory board, the press release concludes.

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