Google Reveals 2022's Most Searched Terms, 'Kid Rayan' Is One Of Them

Ukraine, Elizabeth II, the Rayan child, World Cup… The Google search engine has just unveiled its list of the most searched terms in 2022, a way for the platform to understand and better know the interests of Internet users. .

Like every year, Google has published the words and expressions that the world and countries in particular have most searched for on its engine throughout the year, classifying them by different categories: News, Personalities, Actors, Athletes, Songs…

As for the most searched words in Arab countries, “the Rayan child”, the tragedy of the little Moroccan who died after falling into a well and which affected millions of people around the world, appears among the most most searched in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Egypt in the personalities category.

The three Arab states have also, in the sports category, strongly sought, since last month, the information associated with the “World Cup 2022”. The record queries appended to the term are “FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022”, “World Cup Live Scores”, “World Cup Match of the Day” and it goes on.

When it comes to searches in general, the “Wordle” application, an online word game, tops the list of most searched words worldwide, followed by “India vs England” in second place. then by “Ukraine” whose associated queries which recorded a record are “war Ukraine direct”, “population Ukraine 2022” and “war Ukraine Russia Vladimir Putin” and this, since the outbreak of the war in February 2022.

Internet users were particularly interested, in September, in researching information concerning “Elizabeth II” once her death was announced. This trend continued to increase by searching related topics such as “Liz Truss”, “Charles III” as well as the “net worth” of the late queen’s possessions, queries still on the rise according to Google.

Also, concerning the category of personalities, certain names have been strongly scrutinized, such as that of Johnny Depp who notably appeared in the category of the most searched actors on Google, as well as for his ex-wife Amber Heard, because of their long life. trial became famous that the whole world followed step by step. A trend that lasted more than three months.

Tennis has been honored in this year’s trends. Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams are the athletes who have had particular attention among internet users internationally. The queries mainly focus on the tournaments in which they have participated.

As for the category of TV shows, “Euphoria”, “House of the Dragon”, “Moon Knight”, “The Watcher” and “Inventing Anna” are among the top 5 most searched series on the platform thanks to their success and innovative storylines, while “Thor: Love and Thunder,” “Black Adam,” “Top Gun: Maverick,” “The Batman,” and “Encanto” topped the trend in movie category queries.

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