GADEM launches "Wach 3adi?", a capsule aimed at deconstructing stereotypes on migration

In Morocco, as elsewhere, migration is marked by several stereotypes which even “innocent” can be very harmful. In order to deconstruct them, the anti-racist group for the defense and support of foreigners and migrants (GADEM) is launching the capsule “Wach 3adi? “.

Wach 3adi? deals with words that are used on a daily basis to name a neighbour, a friend or a person that we have passed on the street lately, terms such as “azzi” or “monami” which can be used with no intention of harming, even in a joking tone, when in reality, we often ignore the real impact they can have on the people targeted, explains the Group.

Indeed, these terms reduce a whole group of people to the color of their skin, or even to their status as non-Moroccan nationals, which helps to categorize and is not without consequence on the dignity of these people.

These expressions are generally a manifestation of the biased perception that one can have of black people who are not Moroccan nationals. They may come from different countries in Africa or elsewhere, but are often reduced to a single group: “Africans” or “Senegalese”.

Also, categorized as “migrants”, or even “clandestine migrants”, these people are stigmatized, while skin color alone cannot provide any information about their situation. administration, their social status or their personal ambitions. It is ultimately our prejudices and stereotypes that are expressed through these terms.

Thus, through this video capsule, GADEM wishes to deconstruct prejudices and stereotypes about migration in Morocco and tends to explain what these terms mean and how they impact the people targeted.

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