Forsa program: 11,200 financing agreements

The Forsa program has granted funding to 11,200 project leaders, according to the Ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts and Social and Solidarity Economy.

“The Forsa program continues to advance in its financing process, including the disbursement of loans, which is in its final stretch. The lights of the program are green: 11,200 financing agreements including 9,400 signed contracts, 5,300 transfers received by project leaders and 4,100 transfers in the process of being disbursed”the ministry said in a statement on Monday.

And to recall that several stages constitute the financing process after the granting of the favorable opinion by the financing committee.

This involves contracting with the project leader, a step that requires minimal administrative procedures such as checking the compliance of administrative documents, checking bank details, calling for funds made by the micro-credit institution from the Moroccan Society of Tourism Engineering (SMIT) to release the amounts corresponding to the contracts signed, the transfer of the amounts by the SMIT for the benefit of the Micro-credit Institution and the transfer for the benefit of the project leader by the Institution micro-credit

To accelerate the financing phase, SMIT has mobilized 7 financing institutions covering the entire national territory, the press release underlines, adding that these institutions are closely supported by SMIT teams to streamline the signature stages. contracts and the granting of loans and grants.

The ministry notes, in this context, that the performance varies according to the financing institutions, noting that for those experiencing strong demand, support is provided to help them accelerate their pace.

As such, the weekly rate of disbursement has experienced a real acceleration in recent weeks to achieve the target set by the program.

“Currently, 1,500 project leaders receive a bank transfer of their loan every week. All stakeholders are working hard to reach the target set by the program and fund 10,000 before the end of the year,” concludes the press release.

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