Foreign currency assets at 101 days of import

Tunisia’s net foreign currency assets amounted to 22.8 billion dinars (1 euro = 3.2 dinars), as of December 28, corresponding to 101 days of imports, against 131 days of imports. , a year earlier, according to the latest indicators from the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT).

Currency assets have been declining for several months against a backdrop of worsening trade deficit, due to the rise in imports and the depreciation of the dinar against the main international currencies.

The BCT also reported the increase in tourist receipts to 4.11 billion dinars, as of December 20, against 2.23 billion dinars, on the same date last year.

According to the latest figures from the National Institute of Statistics (INS), Tunisia’s trade deficit reached 23.28 billion dinars at the end of last November, marking an increase of 58.8%, year on year.

The coverage rate thus lost 5.1 points compared to the same period of 2021, to stand at 69.1%, specifies the INS, stressing that imports have evolved at a faster pace. than exports.

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