Foot: Fernando Santos quits as Portugal coach

Foot: Fernando Santos quits as Portugal coach

Fernando Santos left the post of coach of Portugal, announced the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) on Thursday, five days after the elimination of Seleçao in the quarter-finals of the World Cup-2022 against Morocco (1-0).

The two parties have reached an agreement “to put an end to the journey of great success that began in September 2014”, indicated the FPF, whose management “will now launch the process to choose the next national coach”. she said in a statement.

“I leave with a feeling of enormous gratitude. (…) When you lead a group, you have to make some difficult decisions. It’s normal that everyone is not happy with the choices I made, “reacted Fernando Santos in a video posted on the federation’s website.

The 68-year-old Portuguese coach said last Saturday, after the last World Cup match, that he did not plan to resign, but the local press has since assured that the leaders of the FPF wanted to shorten his term. , supposed to last until Euro-2024.

Fernando Santos offered Portugal the first major titles in its history: Euro-2016 organized in France then the 2019 Nations League won on Portuguese soil.

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