Flow of irregular migrants to Oujda from the Algerian border

Clandestine immigration from Algeria has continued to spread towards our borders in recent weeks due to the lack of surveillance and control by the Algerian authorities, who show culpable laxity in this regard at their borders.

This had the effect of causing a significant increase in the number of irregular immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa to the city of Oujda. Often these people leave their lives in their desperate dream of Eldorado. But this is just one more way to further exasperate relations between our two countries, which are already at a standstill.

We know the traffic in which the generals of Algiers indulge by sponsoring mafias who traffic in human beings. Moreover, Algeria is classified by international reports among the countries with the worst records in this area, the Algerian authorities being accused of their lack of action and continuous will to prevent this scourge that they are determined to encourage.

To this end, data available to MoroccoLatestNews indicate the death of five immigrants in Ras Asfour, on the outskirts of the “administrative capital of the Oriental”. They are from Guinea Conakry and Chad. Their bodies were transferred to morgues in Jerada and Oujda. In this context, Hassan Ammari, head of the Association for Aid to Migrants in Difficult Situations in Oujda, told us, ” Deaths are frequently recorded among irregular migrants during the period from November to December due to the intense cold prevailing in the region “, adding that” these deaths reflect the huge numbers of illegal immigrants who have flooded into the eastern border region in recent weeks “.

This contributed to swell the ranks of irregular migrants in Oujda. The human rights activist went on to say that “ most illegal immigrants suffer fatal hemorrhages, in addition to suffering from hunger and thirst “, pointing out that” the current wave of illegal immigrants are from Guinea Conakry and these are the most numerous “.

But not only since the head of the Association for Aid to Migrants in Difficult Situations in Oujda confirmed to MoroccoLatestNews that ” a significant number of irregular migrants stationed in the Oriental region also come from Sudan, Chad, Cameroon and Nigeria “. But it is Guinea Conakry, which is experiencing a fragile security situation due to the military coup, which has the most irregular nationals in the city of Oujda and its surroundings.

The frequent military coups in Africa push people to migrate to North Africa in the hope of reaching Europe. This has resulted in a noticeable increase in the number of irregular immigrants to Morocco, given its proximity to Spain as the first gateway to the Old Continent.

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