European Film Weeks in Morocco from December 7 to 21

The European Film Weeks, organized by the European Union in Morocco, are back this year with a selection of 8 feature films selected or awarded at the biggest film festivals in the world and 3 short films by promising filmmakers from the South of the Mediterranean. .

This year’s selection is made up of 8 European films which, thanks to the co-production system, represent 10 countries: Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Romania and Sweden.

A selection from a wide variety of genres: thriller, comedy, animation, drama, romance, social chronicle and political fable are on the program for this 29th edition.

The European Film Weeks will open with one of the films – events of the year, “Without Filter” by Swedish Ruben Östlund, a social satire with ferocious humor and caustic words, which won the Palme d’or in Cannes last May. Spaniard Rodrigo Sorogoyen returns with “As Bestas”, an impressively masterful rural thriller, carried by an impeccable cast. Lukas Dhont, the young Belgian director, confirms his precocious talent with “Close”, a moving work on the loss of innocence and the quest for identity.

With “The children of others”, the French Rebecca Zlotowski signs her most beautiful film and tackles a rare subject, the growing attachment of a forty-year-old woman for her companion’s daughter. In “Nostalgia”, the Italian Mario Martone, paints the portrait of a man with a heavy past, in a Naples where danger is never far away. The Romanian Cristian Mungiu signs, with “RMN”, a complex political film, which examines with a scalpel the great evils of our time. The result of a European co-production, “Harka”, carried by an incandescent actor, takes place in post-revolution Tunisia and denounces the corruption that plagues the country. Finally, the youngest will be able to discover “Icarus”, a marvel of animation which brilliantly revisits the Greek myth.

Three short films from the South of the Mediterranean complete this selection: “Jmar” which reveals the singular talent of its director, the Moroccan Samy Sidali; “Warsha”, a reverie suspended in the sky of Beirut, signed by the Lebanese Dania Bdeir, Grand Prix at the Sundance Festival this year; and “Last Days of Summer” by Palestinian Nayef Hammoud which follows the strange day of a young man whose neighbor has just been murdered.

Initiative of the European Union in Morocco which aspires to introduce the Moroccan public to major European successes through the eyes of renowned filmmakers and rising stars on a Europe of diversity, the European Film Weeks have been organized since 1991 by the European Union in Morocco the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication, the Moroccan Cinematographic Center, the Hiba Foundation and the Superior School of Visual Arts of Marrakech.

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