Driss Guerraoui publishes "Being young today. Revolts of the present and looks to the future"

University professor Driss Guerraoui has published his new book, “Being young today. Revolts of the Present and Looking to the Future”.

The 98-page book, in medium format, tries to shed “light on the major challenges that young people face, to offer a possible reading of the underlying reasons for the current malaise they are experiencing and to put into perspective what should to be public policies in tune with the new realities of young people in the 21st century”, emphasizes the presentation of the book.

The book also aims to “identify the terms of these issues in the light of the dynamics of revolts and the winds of protest that are shaking all regions of the world, carried by a global youth in search of justice, dignity, equal opportunities , participation and well-being”.

“Today’s global youth think, work, play, love, marry, divorce, contest, engage in politics and dream differently from older generations,” it says. Nevertheless, continues the same source, the latter also suffers from a lack of ambition and hope for the future.

And to add that “this deficit reflects concerns, anxieties and frustrations stemming from a malaise and a feeling that she is not listened to enough, associated with decision-making and taken into account in public policies”.

Economist and former president of the Competition Council, Driss Guerraoui is currently a professor at Mohammed V University in Rabat, president of the Open University of Dakhla and of the Forum of African Economic Intelligence Associations.

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