Dina Boluarte sworn in as Peru's first female president after Castillo's impeachment

Dina Boluarte was sworn in before the plenary session of Congress on Wednesday as Peru’s first female president, following parliament’s decision to impeach Pedro Castillo, who was taken into police custody for dissolving Congress.

Boluarte has sworn to fulfill her duty as president, in accordance with the Constitution of Peru. She promised to defend the independence of the country and to apply its Constitution and its laws.

Boluarte, a lawyer by profession, has until now served as Vice President of Peru.

Earlier in the day, Castillo carried out what the local press described as a “coup d’etat”, announcing on television the dissolution of Congress and the organization of new elections.

This announcement was followed by a series of resignations by Peruvian ministers and ambassadors to international organizations.

The country’s constitutional institutions have also expressed their rejection of the decision to dissolve Congress.

Dina Boluarte also condemned the coup by former President Pedro Castillo and the violation of the constitutional order, saying that “the dissolution of Parliament is a coup that exacerbates the political and institutional crisis that Peruvian society will have to overcome through strict adherence to the law. ”

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