Danish television likens Atlas lions to primates

European media provocations and slippages continue. Television hosts Søren Lippert and Christian Høgh Andersen took advantage, in turn, of the strong family ties uniting Moroccan players to their mothers to assimilate them to those of primates during the presentation of a program on the Danish national channel TV2 News .

Another European media is trying to take advantage of the journey and the achievement of the Atlas Lions through disrespectful images and comments motivated by racism and hatred. In a program presented by Christian Høgh Andersen and Søren Lippert on the Danish channel TV2, the hosts allow themselves to compare the affection that the players of the Moroccan national team have for their families and their celebration together after victories to that of primates .

Lippert thus showed a poster of three monkeys grouped together likening them to our Lions, commenting ” because they stick together, they also do it during family gatherings in Qatar and Morocco“. A disguised racism proving the hatred and lack of respect towards the Arabs which has multiplied since the announcement of the organization of the World Cup in Qatar.

Many Internet users of different nationalities were “disgusted” with the behavior of the host and that of the channel as well, which allowed the dissemination of such content. ” The same racists who showed virtue and condemned the tournament for being played in the Middle East. You can really see their true face“, lamented a user before adding: “ This is what arrogance and disguised racism look like. It’s a well-known strategy in Scandinavia so they can later say “that was irony” and apologize. 2022 and these people have families and children. What models to follow!“.

For another, the scene was so infuriating that he commented: ” I’m inflamed with anger about this and I’m not even of that ethnicity. It’s disgusting that they said that and disgusting that their channel allowed or maybe even encouraged it“.

While the scenes of hugs between the players and their families show their love and their gratitude towards these parents who have sacrificed a lot to allow them to become the stars they are today, a netizen commented on the Danish xenophobic show throwing: ” It seems that these scenes of affection and love towards parents and mothers are so foreign to these people and their lives that the only reference they have in mind for such a display of love is the animal realm. Maybe that’s why they think they’re civilized?“.

Remember that this is not the only attack on Moroccan players since the start of this World Cup. The European press went after this team which created a surprise by eliminating one after the other the favorite teams, which it thought unbeatable, especially by an African country, thus revealing all the contempt of Westerners.

This started before the launch of the world competition and doubled after each victory of the national team which created an unthinkable fusion and support of the Arab community, African, of the Muslim world, and of all football lovers who wanted see for once a real competition without preliminary calculations and the consecration of an outsider.

After the scandal and to calm the storm, the Danish channel later admitted its mistake, saying the remarks made were an inadmissible offense and apologized in a press release.

Morocco’s national football team has unfortunately been referred to in a way for which TV 2 apologizes….This could be considered a racist comment, and TV 2 and Christian Høgh Andersen would like to apologize for this“, we read in the terse note.

According to the statement, what happened was just an ill-fated attempt to be both humorous and cheerful and that things transitioned in an unintentional way.

I’m really sorry for making a completely wrong comparison. This was never my intention, but it’s both wrong and offensive, and I apologize for that.“, adds Christian Høgh Andersen.

Internet users, for their part, are not fooled and have replied that when you prepare a program and make your brain think to offer such content, you can only premeditate it, so they reject these excuses, judging that this comparison with animals was obviously intentional.

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