Cinema: CCM plans reform of the documentary production support system

The Moroccan Cinematographic Center (CCM) announces that it plans to develop a global vision for the reform of the mechanisms and modalities of the production of documentaries on culture, history and the Sahrawi Hassani space, noting that the system current situation does not make it possible to achieve the objectives set.

Since 2015, it has been customary to organize a documentary film festival on culture, history and the Sahrawi Hassani space, with the aim of presenting all the works benefiting from public support granted a year or two before the festival, including the 6th edition was organized during the period from December 19 to 25, 2022, in the city of Laâyoune.

According to the CCM press release, the festival has seen the participation of a large number of documentaries that have been made in the previous two years. The event thus screened 24 documentaries in official competition and 11 documentaries including a panorama section, followed by a discussion on cinematographic works.

In its assessment of these works, the jury noted that the level of quality of film production remains limited, despite the financial capacities granted to it within the framework of public support. The same source said that one documentaries is ” went beyond creativity to complete the ignorance and condemnation of a prominent historical figure in the southern provinces“. This is what the Moroccan Cinema Center considers a ” inadmissible transgression in the field of the film industry, especially since the basis of documentary works is to tell documented facts and not to fantasize about other cinematographic works, and to stick to historical facts such as they are contained in the documents drawn up“.

The statement notes that “ this work received public support in 2019, and its final version was presented in september 2021, to the independent support committee, which includes among its members a representative of the hassani culture, who approved its content without raising any note on the historical facts contained therein“.

In this regard, the Moroccan Cinema Center has expressed its clear denunciation and categorical rejection of this book in particular and of any other documentary which “ would not respect the constants and historical facts required in documentaries, regardless of the justifications provided by its filmmakers“.

In particular, the Center has decided not to hold the award ceremony after the conclusion of all its activities, and to announce the results of the jury’s deliberations only at a later date.

Starting from this situation, it is clear that the system of public support for the documentary film on culture, history and the Sahrawi Hassani space, which was updated in 2015, no longer meets the objectives that were envisaged and will develop as soon as possible a overall vision of the reform of this type of support, the mechanisms and operating methods of the Support Committee, as well as the events dedicated to the presentation of the productions resulting from it, including the Documentary Film Festival on Culture, the Hassani Saharawi history and space“, says the document.

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