Chariot, ONHYM and ONEE sign an agreement in principle for the long-term sale

The British society Oil & Gas Trolley »which specializes in oil and gas exploration, announced the signing of a preliminary agreement with its partner, the Office National des Hydrocarbures et des Mines (ONHYM), relating to the approval of the key principles for long-term sales. term of future gas production in the Anchois offshore project, off the coast of Larache.

This agreement reflects the strategic partnership between the British company, which focuses its activities on Africa, and ONHYM, in addition to the National Office for Water and Electricity (ONEE).

According to what was reported by the website of the British company this Monday, December 12, the agreement falls within the scope of the license “ Lixus Gas » off Larache, in which ” Cart “ holds a 75% share, with ONHYM holding a 25% share.

The main principles of the agreement provide for the sale of a maximum of 0.6 billion cubic meters per year (60 million cubic meters per day), on the basis of ” Take-or-pay » defined for a period of 10 years, the gas being delivered via a gas pipeline between the Maghreb and Europe.

The agreement also includes securing direct and domestic supply for existing and potential, longer-term infrastructure of Morocco’s gas power plants, as well as establishing the framework and timetable for the conclusion of an agreement. of gas sales (GSA).

With the signing of this agreement, the two parties will continue a series of discussions regarding the sale of gas, whether to local or international companies.

In this regard, Amina Benkhadra, Director General of ONHYM, said: “The approval of these basic principles demonstrates our commitment to the development of the Anchois gas field. We are happy to work in partnership with Chariot on these principles which serve the interest of the country ».

Abdelrahim El Hafizi, Director General of ONEE, said: The Anchois gas project will be an important source of local natural gas which will initially supply ONEE’s power plants directly through the Euro-Maghreb gas pipeline. We are interested in concluding this sales agreement, and that Anchois continues to progress towards production ».

For his part, Adonis Bouroulis, CEO of the British company Chariot, said: “ This is a significant step forward for us on our journey towards gas production. We support the project’s development and financing plan. I would like to thank ONEE and ONYHM for their continued support, and we look forward to continuing to work together to bring this important supply of natural gas to the Moroccan market as soon as possible. “.

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