CAN 2025: Why does Algeria accuse Morocco?

Faced with its weak record and recent failures in the organization of sporting and political events, Algeria, aware of its inability and mediocrity, is seeking to accuse Morocco once again.

Organizer of CHAN 2023 as well as CAN U17, Algeria is a candidate for CAN 2025 as well. But if CAF has been lenient with the country to organize these two competitions, the requirements for the most important continental competition are of a superior level to which Algeria cannot compete with the other applicants.

“The least we can say, Algeria will have serious competitors in front of it to have the honor of hosting the 35th edition of the CAN” reported the Algeria 360 news site, adding: “While Morocco and South Africa are not to be presented, Senegal and Nigeria have experienced proven progress in terms of infrastructure”.

CAF received six applications for the organization of CAN 2025 withdrawn from Guinea last September. Algeria is among the candidates and the name of the organizing country should be known next February.

Algeria, Morocco, South Africa, Senegal, Zambia and Nigeria together with Benin are candidates to take over the organization of the most prestigious African competition. A CAF team will have to travel to the 7 competing countries to inspect the various sports facilities. These visits will take place between 5 and 25 January 2023.

The host country of CAN 2025 will be officially communicated on February 10, 2023 after the meeting of the CAF Executive Committee following the meeting of its Executive Committee.

Algeria’s inability to organize CAN 2025

Algeria knows it better than anyone, its sports facilities are not up to standard, its hotels are of lower quality and the services are also below the standards of a competition of this magnitude.

At a time when Africa and CAF want to give its letters of nobility to African football and highlight the continent, the turn towards excellence is not negotiable and it is not by selling off the organization of CAN 2025 that this can be done.

Today, the stakes are high, since the course of the next CAN will allow 10 national teams to compete in the 2026 World Cup, and they must be able to play in optimal conditions that Algeria does not offer. not.

Algeria is aware of its inability to organize such events, proof of this is the last Arab Summit to which no important Arab head of state made the trip, and the catastrophic Mediterranean Games that it is not ready to rearrange anytime soon.

In addition to several delegations from countries in the Mediterranean basin who criticized the infrastructure and some of whom withdrew from the competition, the secretary general of the executive committee of the Mediterranean Games (CIJM), Iakovos Filippousis, sent a letter to the Algerian representative in which he compiled a list of all recorded breaches.

“This is an unacceptable and unprecedented episode, which openly offends the CIJM and the Mediterranean sporting family”, he noted, emphasizing “ the inability to meet the basic needs of its members in terms of medical assistance, the supply of drinking water, the quality of food and the flow of water from the taps”.

Here are the conditions with which Algeria applies for CAN 2025

The Algerian file includes 6 stadiums, and these are the Baraki and Douera stadiums (Algiers), Miloud Hadefi (Oran), Mustapha Tchaker (Blida), Chahid Hamlaoui (Constantine) and the May 19, 1956 stadium (Annaba).

Among these stadiums selected, that of Douera is not even built yet, the Annaba Stadium, is the only stadium up to par in Algeria in terms of lawn (hybrid and the only one in the country) according to the Algerian press. Despite the fact that it is approved by CAF, this stadium has been undergoing renovations for several months already.

The Tchaker stadium, where the Algerian national team plays its home games, is in a sorry state. Algerian coach Djamel Belmadi, known for his outspokenness, has drawn the wrath of the Algerian Federation for having told the truth about the stadiums in Algeria, by launching a rant in early September 2021.

In October 2021, before a match against the Nigerien selection for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, Djamel Belmadi declared that the General Seyni Kountché stadium in Niamey was “better than Tchaker”.

And before receiving Djibouti on behalf of the first day of the qualifiers, Belmadi had denounced in a press conference the state “calamitous” of Tchaker’s pitch, adding that it was not possible to relocate the match to another city since all the pitches in Algeria are in the same condition.

“No doubt that we should not overwhelm him personally (Djamel Belmadi) since the Tchaker stadium in Blida is not the only one in Algeria not to have a lawn in good condition”, noted the news site Tout sur l’Algérie (TSA) in an article titled “Tchaker stadium lawn: chronicle of a never-ending scandal” published in October 2021.

And the author adds: “If we talk about it, it’s because the stadium hosts the matches of the Greens. Djamel Belmadi said it and everyone can see it, Algeria does not have a single piece of land that meets international standards”.

The July 5 stadium in Algiers, continues TSA, “has been redone several times without much result” and to see that “The country has taken a huge step backwards in this area since several stadiums built in the 1980s have had their natural grass pitches converted to synthetic turf”.

“The problem probably needs a structural solution developed at the central level, and not the occasional tinkering that we see here and there”continues the same source.

Result of the races at the end of the match, the result falls: “The Algerian national team was forced to evolve on a catastrophic lawn and at the limit of the passable, last Thursday against Djibouti”wrote the Observ’Algeria website.

On November 16, the “new” stadium in Oran was to host a friendly match between Algeria and Mali to give a good image of the new stadiums, already had power outages. “In addition to the breakdown which affected the lighting system of the new stadium in Oran, the Algerian television which broadcast the match made a mistake about the names of the two selections in the display of the result”said TSA.

The post-match press conference for two selections was canceled due to the blackout after leaving journalists and coaches to wait for around 30 minutes. An unlikely situation in a gas country.

Algeria accuses Morocco again

Despite all the glaring shortcomings, the Algerian Minister of Youth and Sports Abderrazak Sebgag seemed confident and sure of his record made up of stadiums patched up from outside, against his African competitors.

“The difference between Algeria’s candidacy and that of certain other candidate countries is that the latter are candidates with models, that is to say projects that they intend to carry out by 2025.“, he said on December 13, criticizing the other candidate countries in passing.“We do not apply with models” said the Minister of Youth and Sports.

But the specter of Morocco is still not far away, and Algeria’s accusations against its neighbor are so usual that they have become ridiculous, we had to expect the conspiracy theory.

The Algerian journalist of the television channel beIN Sport, Hafid Derradji, was quick to play his role in ruining Morocco’s chances and influencing CAF in favor of his country by questioning its integrity.

He indicated that the body led by South African Patrice Motsepe has already decided on the host country of CAN 2025 and those of the two following editions (in 2027 and 2029)

“Even before the submission and study of the application files, and the vote scheduled for February 10, the confederation has decided to offer Morocco the organization of the 2025 African Cup of Nations, Nigeria and Benin the 2027 edition, then to Algeria in 2029″,trying to make her interesting.

“The vote was to take place on the sidelines of the African Nations Championship (CHAN) planned in Algeria (in January 2023), but it was postponed to February 10 on the sidelines of the Club World Cup planned in Morocco… Will understand who want, but that’s how football is run, which is no longer just a game.”he continued in a Facebook post.

According to its logic, the announcement of the choice of the organizer would be linked to the place of the announcement of the attribution, as if Algeria really had a chance to win this organization.

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