Baitas: Ministry of Foreign Affairs processed 70,000 e-visa applications

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in high demand for obtaining the electronic visa and has processed around 70,000 applications, government spokesman Mustapha Baitas said on Thursday.

In response to questions from journalists during the press briefing following the meeting of the Government Council, Mustapha Baitas explained that the electronic visa adopted by Morocco to stimulate tourist flows in the Kingdom has given good results, noting that the ministry Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans residing abroad, has been able, since the launch of the e-visa 6 months ago, to process approximately 70,000 applications.

And this, he said, opened the door for new countries to join the list of those identified earlier.

Recall that the ministry in question has just announced that nationals of Jordan, India, Guatemala and Azerbaijan will also be able to benefit from the e-visa to visit the Kingdom from January 10, 2023. A decision that intervenes within the framework of efforts aimed at the digitalization of public administration services, with the aim of supporting the tourism sector and promoting Morocco as a tourist destination.

In addition, Baitas clarified that the government plans to review promotional campaigns for Morocco, highlighting the strong revival of tourism this year. ” After the reopening of borders, tourism recorded a strong comeback compared to 2019. Tourism receipts doubled compared to the same year“, he let know.

He affirms, in this sense, that the traditional industry has notably succeeded in achieving its best export figure, after having crossed the ceiling of one billion dirhams in 2022 alone, a record revenue for the Kingdom. It should be noted that in 2019, this sector achieved a figure of 759 million dirhams. According to the Minister, this growth is explained by the volume of demand for craft products that the sector is experiencing today.

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