Baitas: Agreement with air traffic controllers to preserve social peace

Air traffic controllers had announced a two-week strike starting December 23. This walkout was eventually called off after marathon 15-hour negotiations with the Minister for Economic Inclusion, Small Business, Jobs and Skills, Younes Sekkouri.

The agreement reached at the end of these talks is essentially aimed at preserving social peace, said government spokesman Mustapha Baitas.

During the press briefing following the Council of Government, meeting on Wednesday, Baitas specified that the departments of employment and transport have been instructed by the Head of Government to directly supervise the negotiations with a view to discussing various subjects of interest to the controllers. airlines, and which finally led to the suspension of the strike and the signing of an agreement to preserve social peace.

The union of air traffic controllers (National unified office of air traffic controllers), we recall, had threatened to observe a protest movement by ensuring a minimum service for a period of 15 days.

The protesters demanded in particular to benefit from the general increase in wages and warned the management of the National Airports Office (ONDA) against the infringement of their rights and acquired rights, calling on “the local offices to double their mobilization to succeed this fight for dignity”.

They had notably mentioned the failure of the discussions around the payment of the salary increase bonus recorded in a memorandum of understanding signed in 2019 with the management.

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