ASMEX celebrates 40 years serving exporters

Under the chairmanship of Hassan Sentissi El Idrissi, the Moroccan Association of Exporters (ASMEX) held its Ordinary General Assembly (AGO) on Tuesday (December 6th) in Casablanca. The participants were able to observe that despite a particularly difficult context, the bodies of the association were able to maintain their respective action plans and the representativeness of the Association was strengthened with the recruitment of several dozen new members.

Indeed, the evolution of Moroccan foreign trade has been disrupted by the international economic situation which has led to an increase in the prices of raw materials and petroleum products, an increase in freight costs and unpredictability on export markets, explains the ASMEX in a press release, noting that exports have also suffered from the vagaries of the rainfall deficit, the record inflation rate recorded and the post-covid economic crisis.

To be at the side of members and national exporters and to support them, ASMEX indicates that it has set up several new services and tools for training, information and promotion, noting that the year under review was marked by the launch of ASMEX Academy with 52 targeted training sessions benefiting 493 companies and the Doing Business webinar series with 18 targeted countries and more than 3,000 participants.

“The financial year also saw the launch of a new version of the e-xport Morocco platform, which now has 1,025 product and service references, a showcase that generated more than 1,500 quotation requests received and more than 9,000 contacts. between members and potential importers. Other digital and face-to-face B2B actions have enabled supported exporters to benefit from 650 virtual meetings and more than 356 face-to-face meetings »says ASMEX.

With regard to missions abroad and despite the health crisis and its repercussions on the mobility of companies, ASMEX was able to support exporting companies for 5 missions abroad and several strategic exhibitions, among others Sial Montreal, Saudi Arabia, Ivory Coast and Sial Paris.

Faced with the disruptions experienced by the world economy and which impacted the Moroccan economy, ASMEX’s perseverance continued alongside its members and its public and private, national and international partners, in order to contribute to the growth of our exports, putting on track the export of new products and services, mobilizing dormant potential, particularly in the regions of the Kingdom where the association is now represented “, said Hassan Sentissi El Idrissi, quoted in the press release.

In this sense, the President pointed out that a request has been submitted to AMDIE for the update of the study on the exportable offer which was carried out just before Covid-19. Indeed, in terms of regional anchoring, the regional delegations of ASMEX are committed to supporting and assisting local operators for the development of the regional exportable offer, in partnership with chambers of commerce and several national and international organizations.

ASMEX is also committed to promoting and encouraging clean energy among exporters in order to prepare them for the challenges of decarbonization. In addition to the seminars and awareness and information meetings organized by the Clean Energies Commission, ASMEX announces the establishment of partnerships with specialized companies to offer members optimized technical and financial solutions.

The three other major axes of the exercise were Africa with the ZLECAF, digitalization, the new Halal and Organic markets and advocacy for tax measures to boost the exportable offer, underlines the same source.

Since its creation in 1982, ASMEX has continued to defend the interests of exporters and develop Moroccan exports. Admittedly, Moroccan foreign trade has undergone major changes, but still suffers from several shortcomings that we are trying to correct at our level through active listening to the needs of our members and unconditional mobilization to improve their competitiveness under the enlightened leadership of King Mohammed. VII “, underlined with great emotion Hassan Sentissi El Idrissi.

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