Algeria "has no problem" with Morocco but keep their sporting exploits silent

The Algerian media, official at least, continued their media blackout concerning the successes of the Moroccan team in the 2022 World Cup. This was also the case after the victory of the Atlas Lions against Portugal and which offers its place in the final four.

This new exploit was passed over in Algeria by order of the Issaba in power: The military and Abdelmadjid Tebboune. But! The anti-Morocco strategy has not worked for the Algerian people.

The witch hunt in Algeria which began in 2019, to silence all the faithful of the Bouteflika clan, was announced as a fight against the “Issaba” (the gang, editor’s note) of the criminals, only public opinion was far to imagine that a worse species would replace them.

Since the rise to power of Abdelmadjid Tebboune, the anti-Moroccan turn has been institutionalized and the word of hatred has been released to the point of verbally and shamelessly attacking King Mohammed VI, forgetting the habits and customs, the diplomacy and insulting the future of two nations sharing almost 2000 km of borders.

It was Abdelmadjid Tebboune himself who said in interviews in 2020 and then in 2021: “We don’t have a problem with the Moroccans, it’s them who have a problem with us”, and to add that “the ‘initiative’ to settle the bilateral dispute should come from Morocco.

How many times has Algeria ignored the calls for reconciliation made by King Mohammed VI in his speeches? How many times has the country ignored requests to put problems on the table to find a solution?

The Algerian regime, which claims to have no problem with Morocco, has simply suspended its diplomatic relations with Morocco, terminated the gas contract linking Algeria to Spain via the Kingdom, accused its neighbor of to have set fire to Kabylia when the latter had offered to send him Canadairs.

Official Algeria, which has no problem with Morocco, has refused several attempts at mediation by Arab countries. Official Algeria continues and ignores Morocco’s sporting victories. The historic feat of the Atlas Lions team, athletes who have nothing to do with politics, has paid the price for the jealousy of Algerian leaders.

Morocco has reached the semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup. This sentence seems so unreal Moroccans, Africans, Arabs, and Muslims around the world have dreamed of it. Never has a nation representing these peoples managed to reach the final four of the World Cup, and this victory is that of all these peoples, a qualification which should give hope instead of being tainted by hatred of the Algerian leaders.

The Algerian people were not fooled, and as for the qualification for the quarter-finals, the outings in the streets, the explosions of joy and happiness for their neighbors resounded in the cities and wilayas of the country, expressing the feeling proud to see their North African, African and Muslim brothers having their place alongside the champions, the best teams in the world.

The resounding success of the Atlas Lions broke the locks of the Algerian regime’s childish policy towards its neighbor Morocco. The horns and cries of joy were louder than the silence of the media and Algerian officials – the only ones who did not send congratulations to Morocco.

This mean-spirited behavior of the Algerian regime has shown world leaders which side of the problem really lies between the two countries, and who really has a problem with the other, because never a victory for an Algerian athlete or team does not was censored in Morocco.

The King sent a message of congratulations to former interim Algerian President Abdelkader Bensalah on behalf of all Moroccans on the victory of the Fennecs in the African Cup of Nations in 2019, expressing the feeling of pride that this victory gave .

“I am pleased to express to the brotherly Algerian people the warmest congratulations for this continental footballing achievement. On this historic occasion, it is a pleasure for me to share, in my own name and on behalf of the Moroccan people, the feelings of pride of this deserved achievement with the brotherly Algerian people,” he said in his message.

Also it should be remembered that Morocco has always been on the side of Algeria on many occasions and sportingly too. In 1958, when Algeria was not independent, King Mohammed V did not hesitate to have Morocco play a match against the ALN team (not recognized by FIFA) out of solidarity, despite the threat to see his country suspended from FIFA. Just for that, the Algerian leaders should have been the first to celebrate the victories of this country which has done so much for their country in its search for independence.

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