After the FRMF, Toulouse FC defends Zakaria Aboukhlal

After the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF), which reacted strongly to the accusations of glorifying Salafism against the Moroccan international, Zakaria Aboukhlal, it is the turn of the French club Toulouse FC to take up the defense of his player.

On its Twitter account, Toulouse FC has, in fact, condemned the allegations of an Arabic-speaking site which accused the Atlas Lion of taking advantage of its position in the national team to “disseminate his religious ideas indoctrinated by the European Salafist sheikhs”.

The Toulouse Football Club condemns the accusations made by a site with regard to our player Zakaria Aboukhlal and joins forces with the Moroccan Football Federation to ensure its full support and confidence in our player.” tweeted TFC.

And to add: “The Club condemns the accusations made by this site, which are false, unfounded and degrading, which damage the image of our player, and reserves the right to use all the remedies available to defend the image and the integrity of Zakaria”.

Note that the FRMF published a press release on Sunday condemning these accusations, and ensuring that it reserves the right to “use all means of recourse in order to protect the members of the national team from all false accusations affecting their personal lives or their behavior while exercising national duty”, especially through the courts.

The Federation also wished to recall that “Zakaria Aboukhlal adopted, like his teammates, an exemplary behavior which led to honorable results being signed by the National Eleven in this planetary meeting”.

The same story on the side of the National Press Council (CNP) which considered that the slanderous remarks against Zakaria Aboukhlal “can in no way be considered as self-respecting journalistic work”.

The CNP, which decided to present this dossier to the Committee on Professional Ethics and Disciplinary Questions, in accordance with its charter and the law governing its bodies, assured that “the focus of the press on any person because of their ethnic or religious affiliation is an unacceptable stigmatization which is moreover rejected by all the charters of ethics of the press, including the Charter of professional ethics approved at the national level”.

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