After the euphoria of the World Cup, the return to earth

So much so, that the sad spirits will shout at the top of their voices and to whoever wants to hear them, that football is the opium of modern times and that it is there just to divert us from our real problems, for as much, n absolutely do not sulk our pleasure. Don’t we say that the more worries we have, the more entertainment becomes a form of revenge on an often inclement daily life.

But beyond, whether we like it or not and does not prevent! We had a blast throughout this football World Cup that was “Qatar 2022” and which will remain forever etched in its history for Morocco. This competition has provided thrilling entertainment to the whole world although some have tried, with geopolitical subplots, to sully it. We spare you all that, it’s time to savor the delights of a performance never before achieved by our Atlas Lions.

That said, before leaving the field, let us remember all the same that the Moroccan Selection which we did not expect such a celebration (the golden square) is perhaps the only truth of this 2022 World Cup which will have devoted Argentina and King Leo, at the expense of France and its star M’bappé for whom modern-day football now opens its arms greatly. We will also miss the artist Modric, who will not dispute that of 2026.

Moreover, this tournament highlighted the ongoing debates on immigration in Europe and particularly in Germany where the racist abuses that Mesut Ozil faced and countless other Germans of color do. The recent media outing of Ozil who had reacted to the public perception that he was not German enough by claiming: ” I’m German when we win, but I’m an immigrant when we lose“.

This rule can be applied to other Nations. Media in Denmark called us primates, let’s not forget that. This World Cup also offered a prime time for some nationalisms who have constantly used racist symbols and taunts, in particular the Serbian public towards the Swiss team dominated by Kosovar stars .

To return to Morocco and this “after the euphoria, the return to earth” and beyond our good press which is not only propaganda as the envious will say in spite of themselves, the Kingdom which has made progress serious in areas other than sports (generalization of schooling and health for all, housing, rural electrification and access to drinking water, development of agriculture, infrastructure, etc.) and which place as an emerging country, has other “niya” to put in place to really succeed in the transition between the last two centuries.

Indeed, the path, although long, remains within reach of our efforts despite the hitches that are delaying the smooth running of the Kingdom (Dame Covid pandemic, drought, conflict in Ukraine, inflation, Algeria, etc.), so many elements that have broken the momentum of our economy so far, considered by international institutions to be efficient. But the situation has since worsened, generating with it some causes of social crisis. Snowball effect making, at the end of a crisis one was in front of another to challenge.

A context marked by social expectations that are incomparably higher than in the past. This is because the aspirations and expectations of the population, which is more open to a dominant model in the world, based on the promotion of consumption and consumerist ideology, to the detriment of the preservation of resources, have changed along the way. Our new generations aspire to social ascent, and demand a decent income and social minima. But the problems of Moroccan society, whose social grumbling is somewhat felt (high cost of living and others), can only be attributed to the unfavorable economic situation.

All this remains to be settled. And if the feeling of total solidarity which has never ceased to be manifested in the Kingdom, a subject of unequivocal pride which can last in space and time, sure only of a triple “siiiir” and of a “niya” to install in our hearts, we will be able to overcome as our Atlas Lions did, all the challenges that will arise for us and there are many to take up.

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