Achkayen-Aboukhlal affair: The digital newspaper apologizes and withdraws the article

After the controversy raised a few days ago by the Arabic-language newspaper “Achkayen” accusing the Moroccan player Zakaria Aboukhlal of “Salafism”, the electronic media decided on Monday to present an official apology and to completely withdraw the article of its platform.

The digital newspaper published this late Monday afternoon an article in which it publicly and officially apologizes, noting that it has ” decided, on his own initiative, to withdraw the article he had published earlier, entitled: “Aboukhlal salafist in the national team“.

The same source says that ” the newspaper officially apologizes to the player of the national team, Zakaria Aboukhlal, for the moral damage he may have suffered due to the expressions that the article may have contained, unintentionally, or due to the tendentious distortion of his content and its objectives by some adding that he has the utmost appreciation and respect for him and his personal choices.

“Achkayen” notably affirmed “ that it is not one of its principles not to keep pace with national achievements and to engage in the defense of the challenges of the Moroccan nation and its well-known constants, and condemns all attempts to fish in waters unrest and questioning patriotism. and professionalism of this media platform“.

Note that the publication came out a day after the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF), as well as the French club Toulouse FC reacted to the accusations made against the player Zakaria Aboukhlal.

The National Press Council (CNP) notably shared the same opinion of the FRMF and the TFC and considered that the slanderous remarks against Zakaria Aboukhlal ” can in no way be considered as self-respecting journalistic work”.

In addition, the Board has decided to present this case to the Professional Ethics and Disciplinary Questions Committee, in accordance with its charter and the law governing its bodies, ensuring that “the focus of the press on any person because of their ethnic or religious affiliation is an unacceptable stigmatization which is moreover rejected by all the charters of ethics of the press, including the Charter of professional ethics approved at the national level”.

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