A majority of Twitter users want Elon Musk gone

A poll launched by American billionaire Elon Musk on his future at the head of Twitter shows that a majority of users want him to leave the management of the social network.

Of the more than 17.5 million network users who took part in the survey, 57.5% of participants voted in favor of Elon Musk’s departure from Twitter management, according to the results of this survey. investigation stopped Monday at midday.

By launching this survey, the boss of Tesla is committed to respecting the choice of Internet users.

“Should I leave the management of Twitter? “asked the billionaire on the night of Sunday to Monday on the social network. “I will stick to the results of this poll,” he promised.

In an exchange with a Twitter user, Musk also assured that he had no designated successor.

The poll was launched shortly after his controversial boss announced that “‘major policy changes’ on the social network would always be up for a vote.

This announcement came after widespread criticism of Twitter’s decision announced on Sunday to ban its users from posting links to competing networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon or Truth Social.

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