A "madman" attacks two tourists in Moulay Bousselham


Informed sources told MoroccoLatestNews that a mentally ill person attacked two foreign tourists near a beach in Moulay Bousselham on Monday afternoon. Both victims were injured by stone throwing.

According to the sources, the Royal Gendarmerie intervened and arrested the man involved in the case after he threw stones at the two tourists. It would be a man suffering from madness and living in a situation of wandering in the street.

The two victims, a couple in their eighties, were taken by ambulance to Moulay Youssef hospital in Rabat.

According to the same sources, the wife would have lost consciousness before being resuscitated, while the husband is receiving treatment at the hospital.

The public prosecutor and the royal gendarmerie came online in this case to launch an investigation. The assailant should be the subject of a psychiatric expertise to determine his criminal responsibilities.

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