A global craze to sustain (Expert)

The Atlas Lions have signed a more than honorable course at the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Out in the semi-finals ahead of France, Walid Regragui’s men did not deserve and rewrote the history of Moroccan, Arab and African.

It was enough for Morocco to qualify in the 8th, then in the quarter, then in the semi-finals of the World Cup, for the name and the flag of Morocco to be on all the front pages of the international newspapers with the beautiful images of our Lions of the Atlas.

Everyone talks about us. A good publicity stunt” free ” and ” spontaneous which promoted Morocco as a destination and placed the country in the research trend, a result never achieved despite the efforts of several years provided by the departments concerned which have committed colossal budgets to it.

Solicited by MoroccoLatestNews UKZoubir Bouhout, expert in the field of tourism kindly dissected this soaring rise of Morocco and this craze which, according to him, must be “perpetuated by officials.

The Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT), or the supervisory ministry, set up long-term programmes. Each year there is a budget allocated for this purpose. In April 2022, for example, the ONMT launched the “Morocco, Land of Light” campaign, in order to position Morocco among the most coveted global tourist destinations and strengthen its trendy image. It’s a long-term campaign, that’s how administrations work with the market. Now we were lucky with the World Cup. And there are many elements that have helped Morocco’s image to be strengthened and wreak havoc“, explains the expert.

Thus, Bouhout did not fail to point out that today Morocco is trending in Google searches. Everyone is researching our country, everyone wants to know who is this team from Africa that reached the semi-final of the CdM, he noted.

The curve is at its high level. But in a week, this curve will go down. Because the country that will win the World Cup will overtake Morocco, which will no longer be trending in search platforms and there will be more of this fervor that we are currently witnessing”he noted.

According to Bouhout, the Atlas Lions, and the Moroccan supporters have taken Morocco out of its cocoon of a country that is not “very well known”. When we see great nations jumping out of the CM like England, Brazil, or even Belgium, Spain which we disqualified, everyone wants to know who Morocco is, where this country, what is its history“, he says.

Other factors had already given a boost to the Morocco destination on the advertising side, says Bouhout, who cites as an example the Moroccan artist RedOne who produced the official FIFA song of the Qatar 2022 World Cup ” Hayya Hayya “.

“People are asking questions from all over the world. Who is this RedOne? What is your nationality ? He is Moroccan ! So people will start to do research,” says Bouhout.

Another element raised by the expert concerns the controversy that marked the launch of the Qatar World Cup, and the ban on alcohol in the stadiums.

» Foreigners, who were against this measure at the very beginning, applauded it afterwards. And I do not rule out the fact that this decision comes within the framework of the security plan put in place by Morocco, since it is he who manages the security side in Qatar.“, he recalled.

Also, the tourism expert evokes the advertisement shot by Pepsi with Leo Messi, Ronaldinho and Pogba in the alleys of the medina of Marrakech, and which strongly resembles the “Suq Waqif” of Doha, which contributed “to boost the image of Morocco on a global scale“.

When Morocco wins the 8th, the quarter-final, and we observe the atmosphere of madness in the stadiums, then outside the stadiums, in joy and good humor, it is spontaneous publicity. The world observes and watches a festive Moroccan nation, joyful in peace. MREs around the world celebrate the victory of the Lions. And it speaks. We made publicity in Qatar itself and in the world thanks to football. The Moroccan flag is today waved everywhere, in Palestine, in Israel… And it was totally spontaneous“, applauded Bouhout.

Elements that the expert finds extremely important for Morocco, evoking on this occasion the tweet of Elon Musk, the boss of Tesla and Twitter too, who congratulated Morocco for their victory in the quarter-finals.

Elon Musk is followed by millions of people around the world. And Twitter is not Facebook or Instagram. The world’s elite are subscribed to Twitter. His post reached 1.2 million likes in addition to thousands of retweets, 400,000 in two hours. It’s enormous. Elon Musk talks about Morocco“, raised the expert who also referred to shakira’s tweet “This Time for Africa” with the flag of Morocco and the emoji of Lions.

Shakira has always sung at the world. And there is a political message. “Time for Africa”, the song, Shakira had composed it for South Africa in 2010. Today, when you type Time for Africa, the slogan has been indirectly transferred from South Africa to Morocco , after his tweet. Then there is the CEO of Google, who spoke about Marrakech recently and the historic presence of the Lions in the semi-finals. It’s huge too. He must have seen the videos of festivities in Morocco, in Marrakech, in Casablanca, in Rabat or even in Europe.“, he remarked.

All this is magic and very important, welcomes the expert. That said, for Bouhout, “ you don’t have to settle for that. This is a one-off and non-permanent campaign that is over time“, he insisted.

“This admiration and this enthusiasm for Morocco, we must find a solution and a technique to perpetuate them. Between the opening match of the Qatar 2022 World Cup and the end of the first round, 1 billion viewers worldwide watched the World Cup, or more 113% compared to the Russia 2018 World Cup. Morocco had the ambition to win this World Cup, it would have allowed us to stay in the trend. But unfortunately that won’t happen, so we’ll have to work and put a plan in place so as not to lose this global enthusiasm for our country.” he concludes.

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