2022 is the year of achievements in Morocco

The Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch, delivered an end-of-year speech during the Council of Government, this Thursday, December 29, during which he notably declared that “the year 2022 has not been an easy year, but rather full of challenges that we have taken up with confidence and in the spirit of responsibility that we have taken after the 2021 elections”.

Akhannouch added, in his speech within the framework of the work of the Council of Government that “2022 was the year of social and economic achievements despite the constraints imposed by the economic circumstances, mainly linked to the effects of the health crisis, geopolitical tensions , and the lack of precipitation. Thanks to the royal directives and the strong will of the government and the various economic and social actors, we have succeeded in dealing with the various crises and maintaining a climate of trust with the citizens and the various actors”.

The head of government considered that one of the satisfactions of this year is “the strengthening of the social pillars of the State, because the government has succeeded in conducting workshops to generalize compulsory health coverage as King Mohammed VI aspires, in compliance with the royal agenda”.

Akhannouch went on to ministers saying: “We have won the bet thanks to concerted efforts, as the impact of the success of this great royal project begins to appear in a tangible way for the benefit of all Moroccans on the basis of equal opportunities and social justice. and space ».

He pointed out that a historic agreement has been reached with the social partners, through which several gains have been made for the benefit of the working class, whether in the private or public sector, praising the establishment of a climate of trust for social dialogue based on foundations that ensure the institutionalization of the social year, continuous training and the development of solutions at regional levels.

Akhannouch commended the work of the government and parliament to enact the Framework Law for Health and the Framework Law on Investment to stimulate private investment and create jobs, calling for “Organize communication meetings and national tours to highlight the structural reforms undertaken by the government, to accompany and monitor the activation of the development workshops that we have launched, and to accelerate the pace of development”.

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