11,000 applications approved, disbursements of loans granted will be finalized by the end of 2022 (Baitas)

The initial objective of the FORSA program was to grant funding to more than 10,000 project promoters. Today, the objective has even been exceeded according to the government spokesman, Mustapha Baitas, reaching 11,000 approved files.

Indeed, during the press briefing held at the end of the government council meeting this Thursday, the Minister Delegate to the Head of Government in charge of Relations with Parliament, Mustapha Baitas, specified that the FORSA project has reached 11,000 approved project leaders, 40,000 projects were examined, more than 20,000 projects were selected during the selection stages, while 15,000 people benefited from distance training at the level of the FORSA academies.

Regarding funding, Baitas pointed out that “the financing available today from seven (7) financial institutions exceeds the needs to benefit 10,000 files and projects. Which means that we will move forward gradually. That is to say, each time a file is ready and deposited with the financial institution, the sums will be paid“.

And to add:The pace of implementation of this program is well underway in most regions, whether in terms of signing contracts or disbursing credits to the regions.“.

Furthermore, the government official affirmed that “the last weeks of the current year are scheduled for the payment of loans granted under the FORSA program, knowing that a large number of project promoters have already received their payment. The program will therefore fund all selected projects by the end of December this year.“.

Regarding the Awrach program, Mustapha Baitas indicated that the number of beneficiaries has reached 95,000, noting that “the rate of women has unfortunately dropped from 30% to 25.5% today, while the number of associations following the Awrach program has reached 5,301 associations“.

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