When the skulls of the "great victories" are unearthed

Ultimately, only six of the twenty-four skulls returned by France to Algeria were clearly identified as being those of resistance fighters during French colonization and the gAlgerian war (1954-1962).

In any case, this was indicated by an investigation by the “New York Times (17/10/2022)” which said that 6 of the 24 skulls returned to Algeria by Paris in July 2020 were clearly identified as being those of resistance fighters beheaded in the 19th century during French colonization.

Welcomed “brazenly” in Algiers with military honors, these human remains were buried on Sunday July 5, 2020, in the square of the martyrs of the cemetery of El Alia, alongside the fighters who fell during the struggle for independence.

So far, nothing special except that among the 24 honored skulls, three are those of former auxiliaries of the French army – two skirmishers and a Zouave – whom Algeria officially considers as “traitors” and “collaborators”.

However, we thought the matter was settled since, on July 3, 2020, when Paris had very officially returned to Algeria 24 skulls stored at the Musée de l’Homme in Paris and dating from the French conquest, in the 19th century. Indeed, the Franco-Algerian committee set up for the occasion had identified, in June 2020, 24 skulls likely to be returned, out of a total of 45 dating from colonization.

But the search was cut short by Emmanuel Macron’s office, who wanted the skulls returned before July 5, Algeria’s Independence Day. In their “good intentions” and as part of the political gesture of reconciliation of memories, Macron’s France and Algeria had hidden that among the 24 skulls dating from the colonial conquest, returned in June 2020 to Algeria, were suppletive or anonymous. Unfortunately, we will ignore it, because in spite of this, this was the fulfillment of a promise made in December 2017 by French President Emmanuel Macron in response to a request repeatedly reiterated by the senile regime of the capos of Algiers.

The promise had given rise to a long investigative work undertaken from 2018 by a joint commission of Algerian and French experts, then resulted in the handing over of the skulls to the authorities of the Muppet show regime made in Algeria.

In this context one suspects what will be made the list of human remains still to be returned in the future. As a result, a palmipede from France, “Le Canard enchaîné”, not to mention him, had a field day: ” On memorial issues, the Algerian authorities curiously tripped over the shroud on the occasion of the restitution by France, in 2020, of the skulls of 24 resistance fighters to colonization “.

And wham ! to stop repeating “Pan sur le bec!” formerly heading of the volatile which confessed and rectified its errors as well as those of the others.

And the Canard to draw on its archives to go back a century earlier when in 1919, the Palmipède had revealed that “an unknown article of the Treaty of Versailles (the 246) provided that the Germans would return “to the government of His Britannic Majesty the skull of Sultan Mkwawa.

The restitution was finally made in 1961 to the Hehe people after the management of the Bremen museum found the good skull and returned it, not to London, but to the descendants of the sultan. One suspects it, the waterfowl had then ironized at the time on the extreme importance granted to this relic by the colonizers.

Between the words of an unleashed palmipede and the New York Times and much more than the martyr skulls returned by Paris in July 2020 – clearly identified as those of Algerian resistance fighters killed in the 19th century by French colonial troops -, these revelations could therefore upset the new Franco-Algerian idyll.

Because, it is clear that when the American daily affirms, that only 6 of the 24 skulls returned. “The others are not or are of uncertain origin” you can take that for cash. These mortuary remains also remained the property of France after their handover, the media said.

The latter is based on documents obtained from the Natural History Museum and the French government. Neither country has publicly acknowledged these facts, “as they seek to derive diplomatic advantage from restitution.”

If there is a fact, it is that the regime of the capos of Algiers knowingly buried at least three “traitors” in the square of the martyrs in Algiers in the presence of the president with the unpronounceable name and his mentor Chenegriha. Indeed the documentation provided with the human remains did indeed stipulate that such a skull was that of a collaborator, and such another was that of a Zouave, but we ignored that.

The ceremony was intended to be a high point of “national unity”, solemn, and a great victory over the former occupant. Should we laugh or cry “that’ the question“.

The 24 “icons of popular resistance”as described by the official APS press agency in the sense of the hair in this case, which cited the names of “six leaders of the popular resistance”had been exhibited at the Palace of Culture to allow the people to pay them a final tribute.

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