USNEWS ranking: Morocco, second richest country in Africa in terms of heritage

The ranking of the American site USNEWS, places Morocco as the second richest country in terms of heritage on the African continent, after Egypt.

According to the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication, which relayed the results of the ranking on its official Facebook page, Morocco ranks 16th in the world and second on the African continent, preceded by Egypt, which ranked 6th in the world.

In addition to Egypt and Morocco, South Africa (23rd in the world), Tunisia (51st), Kenya (54), Algeria (69), Ghana (73), Zambia (78) and Cameroon (80) are part of the list of the ten richest countries in heritage in Africa.

At the global level, Italy occupies first place in this ranking, followed by Greece, Spain, France and Mexico.

The USNEWS ranking is based on a variety of criteria, including the country’s history, accessibility to tangible and intangible heritage, number of historic sites, and areas of cultural and geographic attractions.

USNEWS says when it comes to assessing a country’s global contribution, its traditions often come to mind, adding that the countries with the richest heritage are those that mark history with their culture.

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