Update on the fall of a missile in Poland: Russian or Ukrainian missile?

In Poland, a missile fell near the border killing two on Tuesday, November 15. The Polish government announced that this projectile fire was Russian made. An emergency NATO meeting was held on Wednesday to take stock.

An emergency meeting of NATO ambassadors was held on Wednesday at the Alliance headquarters in Brussels, when several versions collide.

While Ukraine immediately blamed Russia, the NATO Secretary General, who chaired the meeting, said at the start of the meeting that it was “important that all the facts be established” about the deadly explosion, before later announcing that the missile was likely to be in Ukrainian.

For his part, the American president, Joe Biden, informed the members of the G7 and NATO that the explosion had been caused by a missile fire from the Ukrainian air defense, advancing a little earlier that it was shortly likely that the missile was fired from Russia, according to preliminary information.

In this regard, the Kremlin welcomed the detention “ of the United States, assuring that Russia had no nothing to see “ with this incident which caused very significant tensions on Tuesday until late at night.

In this case, note should be taken of the restrained and more professional reaction of the American side »Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, told the press, denouncing ” I’hysteria » of senior officials from several countries who made statements without having a clear idea of ​​​​what had caused “ the explosion in Poland.

For Belgian Defense Minister Ludivine Dedonder, the explosion was the result of Ukrainian air defense systems, used to “counter Russian missiles”, evoking Wednesday on Twitter several “explosion” on Polish territory, which occurred during a new missile launch operation on kyiv yesterday.

“At this stage and based on the information available, it would be debris from Russian missiles and Ukrainian anti-aircraft missiles that hit Polish soil. Analyzes are still in progress to determine with certainty both the origin of the shots and the objectives that these missiles were to reach. Based on the information currently available, however, there is nothing to indicate that it was a deliberate attack on one or more Polish objectives. added the Belgian official in a press release.

For his part, French President Emmanuel Macron expressed, during a press conference on Wednesday after the G20 summit, his solidarity with Poland. ” Analyzes are in progress “, specified the French president who wished ” make full clarity on this incident which occurred on the territory of a NATO member country.

We are cooperating with Poland to understand what happened. (…) Early work was shared by the United States. You have to be very careful “, he added.

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