Two years ago the FAR released the African depth

This Sunday, November 13, 2022 marks the second anniversary of the liberation by our valiant Royal Armed Forces (FAR), of the Guerguerate crossing point in the far south of the Kingdom, the undisputed gateway to our African depth.

Without a drop of blood being shed, the most prepared operation, carried out meticulously by the FAR, put an end, in less than no time, to a deadlock situation that had prevailed since October 20, 2020. During his speech on the November 3 on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the Green March, King Mohammed VI had nevertheless warned that this situation could not last and that the Kingdom would end up taking its responsibilities.

It was because there was reason to intervene in the face of so many unacceptable actions by which a handful (sixty) of separatist militiamen, most of them disguised as civilians, were hampering the flow of traffic between Morocco and Mauritania in an area of ​​4 kilometers. Also on this Friday, November 13, 2020, around 8:30 a.m., the exasperated FAR had the mission of securing this “no man’s land“ 4 kilometers long separating the Moroccan and Mauritanian border posts.

The Polisario militiamen who had installed about twenty tents and a checkpoint or rather a roadblock preventing the passage, cutting off the RN1 and therefore any possibility of circulation on the vital axis which connects Tangier to Dakar via Nouakchott, quickly dispersed without resisting the arrival of the FAR. A “save-it-can” not without first after setting fire to their camp and evacuating the site in Polisario vehicles. The fugitives took the direction of Tindouf on Algerian soil. In less than an hour, the operation was completed, with no fire other than the warning shots having been exchanged.

Our fugitives in their energy of despair supported by a column of the polisario, on the way, tried to cause a clash in Mahbès, in the North-East not far from the Algerian border, by approaching the Moroccan defense wall. They took it badly since our valiant FAR were watching the grain. And calm returned. The operation to clear the Guerguerate area was carried out in a peaceful, responsible, proportionate manner and mindful of the safety of civilians (drivers and other transporters of people and goods and goods).

The Kingdom, by thus breaking a lock in Guerguerate which threatened to asphyxiate human and commercial exchanges between Morocco and its sub-Saharan depths, brought on this November 13, 2020 a “final” solution to this miserable and vain bravado of highwaymen. Moreover, the Polisario separatists have not returned there. Indeed, the FAR have installed a security cordon in this area. For the terrorists and separatists of the polisario, this Sunday, November 13, 2022 ” completes the second year of resumption of its legitimate armed struggle against the Moroccan occupier who violated the 1991 ceasefire agreement “.

Of armed struggle and war in our southern provinces, there is only a question of a thousand press releases, which the Polisario gladly wipes clean and sometimes by sharing them with its mentor, Algeria. On the other hand, it is in response to this, this perfume of “who rubs it there pricks there“ so characteristic in this part of the desert. Indeed, there is in these places and to the great displeasure of Algeria and its henchman, a whole world made of “cacti where it is impossible to sit“. ” In life, there are only cacti, me, I pride myself on knowing that ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, sang Father Dutronc. Oh the brave times!

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