Turkish authorities announce the arrest of a Syrian woman

The Turkish authorities announced on Monday that they had arrested the main suspect in the bomb attack which left six dead and more than 80 injured, including 2 Moroccan women. It is a Syrian woman who would have received training from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), the main pet peeve of the Turkish regime.

“The person who planted the bomb has been arrested,” Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu announced, announcing the arrest of 46 other suspects, some of whom were in the same area as the suspect.

For the Turkish authorities, it is the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) which is responsible for this attack.

Police footage shared by Turkish media shows a young woman in a purple sweatshirt being apprehended in an apartment where large sums of euro cash, gold coins, a pistol and cartridges were found.

The young woman would have confessed to having planted the bomb on the shopping street of Istiklal, according to the Turkish police who added that the suspect was trained by Kurdish militias.

According to a Turkish security official who confirmed her links with the Kurds, it is “not excluded that she has a relationship with the Islamic State”.

The attack which took place in the middle of the day on Sunday in this street of the Taksim district, the busiest in Istanbul, left six dead and 81 injured, half of whom remained hospitalized on Monday. Among the injured are 2 Moroccan tourists according to the consulate general of the kingdom.

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