Three journalists file a complaint against El Grande Toto

Three journalists filed a complaint against Taha Fahsi, alias El Grande Toto, for “ threat ” and ” insults against them during his hearing at the Casablanca Court of First Instance on November 16.

The complaints were presented to the Casablanca prosecutor’s office and recorded by Ayoub Jawadi for the newspaper MoroccoLatestNewsAziz Safieddine for Al-Omq Al-Maghribi and Achraf Dahan for Al-Anbaa TV newspaper.

Journalists accuse the rapper, El Grand Toto, of criminal acts represented by ” threats to commit crimes and offenses against persons, insults and slander“.

It is expected that the Public Prosecutor’s Office will forward this complaint to the Wilaya of Casablanca in order to investigate it further, and confront Toto with the accusations leveled against him by the press.

It should be noted that Taha Fahsi had made indecent and insulting remarks against a number of journalists present during his first hearing at the Court of First Instance (TPI) of Ain Sebaa in Casablanca in the case of the complaint filed by the journalist, Mohamed Tijjini, for threatening, but also a policeman for insulting.

Indeed, the Moroccan rapper appeared without his lawyers while the plaintiffs, the journalist Mohamed Tijjini and the insulted policeman were also absent. Toto attacked the journalists present by insulting them in the precincts of the Tribunal while they were doing their job using violent language, going so far as to desecrate the sacred.

The scene was documented by the cameras of the judicial institution. This should be added to an already heavy file of charges.

Moreover, the National Syndicate of the Moroccan Press expressed, in a press release, its solidarity with the journalists who were victims of insults and threats, denouncing the rapper’s methods of intimidation.

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