The supervisory ministry devotes 600 MDH for the construction of 814 stadiums

The Ministry of National Education, Preliminary Education and Sports has revealed that its department plans to build 814 sports stadiums at an estimated total cost of 600 MDH, including 150 MDH devoted annually to nearby stadiums.

During a presentation before the Committee for Education, Culture and Communication in the House of Representatives on the budget project for the year 2023, Chakib Benmoussa unveiled the most important achievements of 2022 at the level of the sector. sports, including the organization of championships, tournaments and sports events, the strengthening of the governance of sports universities and the construction and equipment of sports infrastructures.

The Minister specified that 91,352 people took part in the various sporting events organized in 12 regions and 41 cities including several sports such as football, basketball, handball, swimming, rugby… The organization of these events is part of in the priorities of the work program and budget for 2023. The ministry will thus work on the organization of tournaments and sporting events with a budget of 12.7 million dirhams, in addition to allocating 70.4 million dirhams for the operation of sports facilities, including sports vehicles, sports halls, multi-sports halls, swimming pools, football stadiums, athletics arenas among others.

With regard to the governance of sports universities, Benmoussa indicated that the ministry has signed 53 contracts with the universities concerned, through which subsidies have been granted for the management falling within the framework of the mobilization of the resources necessary to achieve the development. sport desired and to ensure that the universities follow the pace of the implementation of the work programs undertaken. As for the training of athletes, he mentioned that the total number of registered athletes registered in 2022 is 312,815, of which 26% are women at the level of 57 different sports.

The ministry has thus allocated about 531 million dirhams to improve the performance of sports universities, and about 1 billion dirhams for training in sports professions and the qualification of high-level athletes.

Benmoussa notably underlined in his presentation that the construction and equipment of sports infrastructure requires the allocation of an annual budget of 150 million dirhams just for nearby stadiums. According to the Minister, this program aims to promote the practice of sport, to ensure the achievement of spatial justice and to meet the needs of the population in terms of sports equipment, noting that the number of stadiums scheduled for construction is 814 He thus points out that the implementation of these projects is carried out in the form of two tranches targeting rural and peri-urban areas, the first phase includes 500 stadiums and the second phase, scheduled for 2023, 300 stadiums, indicating that the works of 478 stadiums are either completed or in the process of being finalized, adding that the total cost of the program is 600 million dirhams.

In this sense, the rehabilitation of sports infrastructure will have an overall budget of more than 652 million dirhams in order to provide a qualified space to host major events, while focusing on management and maintenance. , and for this, more than 70 million dirhams have been devoted.

To be able to continue its achievements, the ministry has benefited from a budget for the year 2023 of approximately two billion and 43 million dirhams, of which 1.88 billion dirhams are granted for investment, more than 110 million dirhams in expenses, more than 153 million dirhams allocated to employees, and 800 million dirhams granted to the projected resources of the National Sports Development Fund.

It should be noted that the performance credits paid for the next year have seen a 5% increase in the budget for equipment and miscellaneous expenses compared to 2022, going from approximately 105 to 110 million and a decrease of 12.3% expenditure by employees, i.e. from 172 million dirhams to 153 million dirhams.

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