The series of protests continues

While the Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sports has still not decided on the offer of the unions demanding the improvement of the conditions proposed by the department of Benmoussa nor on the file of the convictions, the contractual teachers plan to continue their protests and sit-ins. They announce a new event to be held this Friday, November 25.

The National Coordination of Contract Teachers of the AREFs has announced the launch of a series of demonstrations and protests at the national level, before the courts and the Academies, aimed at denouncing the trials in progress against a group of teachers sanctioned for their participation in the strikes.

The alliance thus points to the recent judgment handed down by the elementary school of Sefrou, which sentenced the teacher Rachid Yader, one of the leaders of the coordination, to a month’s suspended prison sentence and a fine of 500 dirhams, following complaints made by certain people belonging to the same professional sector.

The same coordination reported that a group of teachers, following the same problem, had received summonses, noting that they were only defending their rights and freedoms, insisting that all the parties concerned would continue to fight until to solve their problems.

In addition, the Minister of National Education, Chakib Benmoussa, had previously announced that the government “worked for seven months within the framework of the Social Dialogue with the five most representative unions in the sector, with a view to establishing a unified statute for all civil servants of the national education departmentand clarified that this new text aims to guarantee the same rights and opportunities offered by the public service.

It should be remembered that the demands of the teachers relate to the cancellation of the contractual approach and the obtaining of “civil servant” status while rejecting the conditions of exclusion imposed and the age limit, integration into the civil service and the restoration of public school rehabilitation and employment.

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