The reform of the national health system at the heart of the next meeting of the CG

Like every week, the government council will meet this Thursday, December 1 under the chairmanship of the chief executive, Aziz Akhannouch, and plans during this session to study five bills relating to the health system. and its reform.

According to the press release issued by the presidency of the government, the council will dissect this week five bills which would relate to the creation of several health entities including the High Authority for Health and territorial health authorities. Concerning the three remaining components, the council envisages the study of the project on the basic guarantees granted to the human resources of the health professions, the creation of the Moroccan Agency for medicines and health products, then the creation of the Moroccan Agency for Blood and its Derivatives. It will thus conclude its work by studying the proposals for appointment to senior positions in accordance with the provisions of article 92 of the constitution, specifies the same source.

In this sense, the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Khaled Ait Taleb, had previously pointed out, during the presentation of the framework bill number 06.22 of health and which was approved by the House of Councilors on Wednesday November 16, that this text is of extreme importance since it reflects the fundamental objectives of the reform and restructuring of the national health system.

The minister said that this draft framework law constitutes ” an implementation of royal directives calling for a radical overhaul of the health system, and it is also seen as a concretization of what was stipulated in the framework law n°09.21 relating to social protection” , by adding that the government has interacted in a positive manner with the amendments tabled by the members of the Committee on Education, Cultural and Social Affairs and the heads of teams and parliamentary groups within the House of Councillors, ” which concretely confirms that our objective is the same, which is the establishment of an integrated and strong national health system that is at the level of the aspirations of all Moroccan citizens.“.

Ait Taleb clarified in particular that this text is based on four fundamental pillars, in this case the establishment of a new governance of the health system through the creation of a set of bodies dedicated to management and governance. This includes the Higher Health Authority, the territorial health groups, the Moroccan Agency for Medicines and Health Products and the Moroccan Agency for Blood and its Derivatives. It is also based on the rehabilitation of the health offer through the reform of primary health care establishments, the rehabilitation of hospitals, the respect of care pathways and the creation of an accreditation system for health establishments.

The draft framework law, according to the Minister of Health, is based on the other hand on the development of human resources through the creation of a law on employment and the profession as well as the creation of more than positions to remedy the shortage of personnel and the exodus experienced by the sector in recent years, the reception and integration of medical skills from abroad and the motivation of Moroccan medical skills residing abroad in addition to reform of the training system. Finally, Ait Taleb indicates that the text concerns in particular the digitization of the health system through the creation of an integrated information system and the creation of the common medical file.

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