The price increase is "imported"

The head of government, Aziz Akhannouch, reacted in an exclusive interview with MoroccoLatestNews to the grievances of Moroccan citizens concerning the rise in prices of several consumer products. These increases are imported, he said before explaining the efforts made by the State to avoid subjecting Moroccans to even heavier price increases.

“We are trying to make citizens understand that the majority of these price increases are imported. Petroleum, gas, wheat, oil, all these products which have increased and which we talk about, are the consequence of an increase imported from abroad.said Aziz Akhannouch.

We as a government have tried to set up a belt and we have made a great effort and continue to do so because today the price of flour has not increased. The bread remains at 1.20dh. The State commits between 8 and 10 billion dirhams per year so that the price of wheat remains stable”he said.

The head of the executive cited examples, such as gas where the price of the cylinder remained fixed at 40 dirhams while it is equivalent to 120 dirhams, sugar whose price has not changed. He also mentioned the means put in place for the transport of goods and people.

We have targeted a certain number of products and we have set up a belt so that they do not increase in price and among the main materials which have not suffered increases is electricity. We have not increased electricity prices” , did he declare.

The price of Kwtt/h here in Morocco is 0.8 dirham excluding taxes, said the head of government, adding that it is the state budget that pays for the remaining difference, and “today the load is heavy”, he said.

“To produce electricity it (State) needs 20 billion dirhams, or 2 billion dollars, now it needs 4 billion dollars to do so. Where are we going to find these two billion more if there is no increase in the price of consumption? The State has preserved and maintained prices by helping the company (ONEE) while waiting to move on to another stage, which we hope will be better for prices”added the Chief Executive.

Finally, Aziz Akhannouch acknowledged that the situation that Moroccans are currently going through, and the living conditions are ” very difficult”.

“Whenever we can intervene to help citizens, we do so but within our means. This exercise has its limits.he argued.

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