The "mutually beneficial" partnership, an example for the countries of the region

Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares highlighted the “mutually beneficial” partnership between his country and Morocco, assuring that relations between Madrid and Rabat are “an example to be followed by other countries in the region. region”.

“We want to have with all our neighbors the same relationship that we have with Morocco”said Alabres, who took part in a Forum in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on Monday evening, noting that relations between the two countries are based on ”mutual respect and benefit, non-unilateral actions and non-interference in internal affairs”.

In this context, the head of the Spanish diplomacy welcomed the results of the new dynamic initiated between the two countries, since the visit of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, to Morocco last April.

“All points contained in the Hispano-Moroccan Declaration of April 7 are being implemented, he assured, recalling that air and maritime connectivity has been fully restored and collaboration in matters of migration and the fight against trafficking mafias of human beings has increased.

According to Albares, ”all migratory routes to Europe are growing, except those heading for Spain”.

On the economic side, the minister said that bilateral trade has been revived, reaching a value of 7 billion euros since the beginning of the year, 2 billion more than last year.

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