The Ministry of Health launches the prevention and screening campaign

Every year, Morocco celebrates November 14, World Diabetes Day. In this sense, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) have selected as their theme the “Access to diabetes care“under the slogan”And if not now, when?” and this for the years 2021, 2022 and 2023. In Morocco, nearly 50% of people affected are unaware of this disease.

International Diabetes Day is an opportunity for all countries in the world to shed light on one of the most recurrent diseases presenting an invisible danger that can harm the health of the person who suffers from it and it is in particular an opportunity for health professionals and for all parties involved to mobilize in order to deal with this public health problem.

Diabetes is a disease that is described as chronic and also silent. It is a worldwide problem that can be fatal and can generate disability or other serious consequences if not treated correctly. It is a disease that can affect people of any age and requires careful and serious attention and constant monitoring.”, explains a medical source from the public sector who requested anonymity to MoroccoLatestNews.

This disease has been considered for several years as one of the main health emergencies since it is ranked among the first 10 causes of death in the world and the first source of chronic renal failure or amputations of the lower limbs of the body.”, she adds.

This day presents an opportunity to raise awareness in society about the risks of this epidemic, the importance of regular monitoring and diagnosis and the sharing of information with patients and even with people who are likely to be affected, for example individuals with a disease of high blood pressure or overweight, people who have dietary problems or those whose parent or close family member suffers from diabetes, it can be hereditary but it also depends on the case”, specifies our interlocutor.

According to data collected in 2018 by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, more than 2.7 million adults over the age of 18 in Morocco have diabetes, of which around 50% are unaware of their disease. The same source reveals that 2.2 million people are considered pre-diabetic with 56% being hypertensive, a dangerous combination for their health.

Diabetes and high blood pressure together in the same patient is a danger for him and the complications and risks can be very serious. These people are very vulnerable and can risk having a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) which often leads to paralysis of a part of the body, or even all the limbs of the body. Complications also occur in the form of partial or total blindness, kidney failure or malfunction of certain arteries”, details the specialist.

In this regard, the Ministry of Health is launching today a national prevention campaign at the level of all health establishments in the Kingdom for a period of three weeks in order to be able to sensitize citizens on the complications of diabetes and in particular arterial hypertension and strengthen screening activities for these two pathologies with the aim of reducing the risks.

We receive dozens of patients with diabetes every day, this day certainly intervenes to increase awareness but for the health personnel, it is a daily mission and which is spread throughout the year. We try to make every effort to share essential information with each of these diabetic patients to improve their health and avoid the serious consequences of this disease.”, concludes our source.

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