The Ministry of Economy and Finance publishes the PLF 2023 citizen budget

The Ministry of Economy and Finance has just published on its website the Citizen Budget of the Finance Bill (PLF), for the 2023 financial year.

This simplified document aims to ensure a better understanding of the Finance Bill for next year and its various provisions.

Thus, this new issue returns in detail to the four orientations of this PLF, namely the strengthening of the foundations of the social State, the revival of the national economy through the support of investment, the consecration of equity territory and finally the restoration of budgetary margins to ensure the sustainability of the reforms.

He also sets out the tax and customs measures proposed by the PLF 2023, explaining, in this regard, that “these measures are adopted annually via the provisions of the Finance Law, as part of the efforts made by the government to relaunch the economy”. national economy, strengthen the collection of public revenues, and ultimately improve the living conditions of citizens”.

Also, the Citizens Budget presents in a schematic and concise manner the macroeconomic forecasts, those of revenue and expenditure as well as the financing needs of the State Budget.

It also sheds light on tax expenditures while offering a focus on the classifications of government expenditures.

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