The INPE code granted to new regulated professions

The National Identifier of Health Professionals and Institutions (INPE) has been granted to new regulated professions working within the framework of the Basic Compulsory Health Insurance (AMO), announced the National Health Insurance Agency. (ANA M).

The number of codes allocated on November 7 is thus increased to 53,346, underlines the Agency, noting that this ANAM initiative is in accordance with its regulatory and technical supervision missions for AMO, according to a regulated process, in consultation with the national orders of health professionals and the government authorities concerned.

It also intervenes in line with its strategy to support the implementation of the generalization of social protection launched by King Mohammed VI, in particular in its component of extending medical coverage to the entire Moroccan population. , and in order to improve access to quality care, in a secure manner, and to contribute to the fight against fraud.

A press release from ANAM specifies that the professional categories newly concerned are physiotherapists, orthoprosthetists, orthoptists, audioprosthetists, speech therapists, psychomotor therapists and pedicure-podiatrists.

These categories, it is further noted, are thus added to the repository of health professionals made up until now of general practitioners and specialists, dentists, opticians and midwives, in addition to health establishments authorized to namely pharmacies, private clinics and similar establishments (hemodialysis and radiology centers), and medical analysis laboratories.

This initiative is also part of ANAM’s strategic orientations aiming, among other things, to standardize and dematerialize management tools and documents relating to AMO, the aim being to ensure traceability and compliance with tariffs. conventional and to guarantee better medical control of expenses, continues the same source.

As a reminder, the INPE code is an essential regulatory tool for preserving the rights of insured persons, guaranteeing better medical control of expenditure, contributing to the fight against fraud, and ensuring the referencing of healthcare professionals and establishments.

This is a unique and specific number composed of nine digits assigned by ANAM to healthcare professionals and establishments, in the public and private sectors. It must be worn, along with the corresponding bar code, on all documents and forms standardized by ANAM and used within the framework of the AMO, in order to preserve the rights of the insured and guarantee the reimbursement of their costs.

The allocation and use of this code also serves to facilitate access to quality care, while reducing file processing times, in particular requests for care and regularization files.

It should be noted that the repository of healthcare professionals and establishments with their INPE codes is updated by the Agency on a weekly basis, and it can be consulted through the ANAM website. A simplified and dematerialized procedure has been put in place allowing healthcare professionals and establishments to submit and send their code request file by email. [email protected] », and to obtain their INPE code within a period not exceeding 48 hours from the date of submission of the complete file.

Similarly, the “E-INPE” online service is available on the ANAM website “” allowing better access to information concerning the process of requesting and awarding this code.

In the event of a problem, the statement concludes, policyholders, professionals and health establishments can file their complaints through the “Chikaya” platform, on the Agency’s website.

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