The co-founder of Twitter is developing a new social network

The co-founder of Twitter is developing a new social network

The former CEO and co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, is preparing to launch a new social network called BlueSky Social, intended to return control of algorithms and personal data to Internet users.

“This is a competitor for any company that tries to take over social media foundations or user data,” he said on his Twitter account.

Initiated in 2019 while Dorsey was still the CEO of Twitter, this new project aims to revolutionize the way Internet users use social networks.

“BlueSky is a federated social network,” Dorsey explains over a series of Tweets.

The new platform is based on the AT (Authenticated Transfer Protocol) protocol which is open and fast combining the ideas of the latest decentralized technologies in a simple network, according to a blog post published by BlueSky.

Jack Dorsey, who left Twitter in November 2021, lifted the veil on his project a few days before Elon Musk took over the network, thus seducing Internet users disappointed by the takeover of the platform from the blue bird.

For the moment, the platform is only offered in beta version and has already registered more than 30,000 registrations in two days.

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